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Virtual Positioning:

The fact of submitting pages of your Web Site in many search engines doesn't guarantee that new surfers will visit you site.

90% of the surfers use the main search engines as the mean to get what they want to find. If someone types a keyword related to the products or services promoted in your web site and your page is not listed within the first 30 places, you can be sure that you will never be found by your customers.

We are the channel or the tool you need for being found in the Internet. trades your company products and services through its web site using the following search engines:


All The Web(Fast)/Lycos


7Search Sprinks


AOL Web Sites


Xuppa (Anteriormente Bay9)








Open Directory

Overture (anteriormente Goto)


Note: Ltda.
has the right of discarding or adding new search engines. These decisions will be taken according to the behavior they present along the time.

    Our services include:

  • Direct interaction with the customer, in order to establish specific target keywords he thinks surfers will type when searching his company or products.
  • Configuration of your web site in order to get a good listing position into the search engines.
  • Submission of your web site in the search engines mentioned above.
  • An advertising Link within the Ltda. trade areas in its Web Site, to increase the company popularity in the internet.
  • Monthly reports of the main search engines ranking.
  • Index any page that has been removed of the search engines as many times as necessary.
  • Positioning optimization of any page which presents a lower rank that position.


The results of the Positioning service are shown in a monthly Report with the ranks of the site in the Search Engines. Latin-Marketing will invoice as follows:

US$ 42.00 monthly fee, during the first 4 (four) months.  From the Fifth month there will be NO fee until results show up and the report be generated. 

Once the results are good enough to generate a Report, the charges will be:

  • US$ 6.00 for each keyword that places your web site in the first page of every search engine.
  • US$ 4.00 for each keyword that ranks your Web site in the second page of every search engine.
  • The third page and upper are not charged.

You just would be paying for the ranking of the first and the second pages of each search engine.

The maximum price of the invoice would be US$ 125.00 based on five keywords to position. For each additional keyword, it would be US$ 21.00 additional.

The average time for indexing your Web Site in the different search engines fluctuates from 4 to 5 months.

We will work day after day to improve the position of your site.

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