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If your domain is being transferred from another hosting service, be sure that they have removed your nameserver entry. If they have not, your domain name may continue to resolve to your old host.

Internic will not allow us to transfer existing domains. Only the Administrative or the Technical Contact can do this.
The Internic Online Modification Form can be found at:


Enter your email address & domain name, click "Modify Existing Domain", hit "Proceed", then follow the rest of the directions.

You will need the following information in order to do the modification:

Contact Information
Technical Contact: js1795
Billing Contact: js1795
(Place this code in the NIC Handle box, no need to fill in contact info.)
Name Server Information:
(Required Information)
Primary Server Hostname: ns.web2010.com
Primary Server Netaddress:
Secondary Server Hostname: ns2.web2010.com
Secondary Server Netaddress:

(Optional Information)
Secondary Server Hostname: ns3.web2010.com
Secondary Server Netaddress:
Secondary Server Hostname: ns4.web2010.com
Secondary Server Netaddress:

You might have other information that needs to be updated on this form, such as the Administrative Contact. That would be up to you to decide.

After you submit the form, InterNIC will email you a "Domain Modification Template". You need to "reply" to the template using your mail client's "reply" feature or button.

If the email address you entered under General Information is not the Administrative Contact for this domain, InterNIC will then send a request for confirmation to the email address that is listed under the header "Administrative Contact Information".

When they receive a response from that address, they will complete the changes.

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